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Agricultural Plastic Recycling

 Agricultural plastic recycling is a growing industry as farms and Governments look for more responsibile ways to manage agricultural plastics.  PolyAg's goal is to collaborate with the agriculture and recycling communities to provide a responsible recycling option for agricultural plastics.  


Responsible Recycling

With China no longer accepting unprocessed waste plastics,  Canada is looking inward in attempting to tackle the growing plastic waste problem.  Recently, Alberta has embarked on a program, similar to a program operating in Saskatchewan, for the collection and disposal of grain bags.  PolyAg will support these programs by providing a local, responsible recycling option.




   Stage 1: Flaking – this process shreds and granulates the grain bags to reduce the grain bags to ½” flakes.  

Three Stage Recycling Process


Stage 2: Washing – this process passes the flakes through a series of washing baths and agitators to ensure the flakes are free of dirt and debris.


  Stage 3: Pelleting – this process takes the washed flakes, heats them to their melting point and passes them through  a series of extrusion systems to create pellets which is the finished product. 

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  The management team assembled has a strong mix of experience and expertise in all aspects of recycling; as well a strong recognition and technical understanding of the recycling industry.  


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